Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bozwanian Prince (Musings)

Each time I log into my hotmail 
As if something of importance will show up
(a letter from you apologizing for when you destroyed me, 
or just a reference to my teddy bear’s obsession with lotion)
instead I’m greeted by a Bozwanian Prince who needs my help 
in the worst way. 
Somehow it comforts me and I respond in kind. 


Whenever I get random spam from a bra website,
I always think of you


The painting you did of me for my birthday
Is still hanging in my room,
I can’t bear to take it down 
And there’s a bear in it  


When you left me, I was lost in the desert 
For 4-5 months, 
I changed my voicemail to reflect the fact that I 
Would be out of office for an indefinite period, 
But I still haven’t changed it back

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