Sunday, June 23, 2013

Return from Summer Away: Graffiti Camp (KC Found Art I)

Well, if you're reading this I'm back. If you're not reading this then I'm lost as to how you're hearing my thoughts. Oh well, I took a break from updating the blog and went on hiatus for a while, but here's a post I've been planning for awhile. I've been collecting random graffiti images around Kansas City for a few years now. Graffiti represents a very public and confusing art form to me. You rarely see the people "defacing" the property in real time, so there's a mysterious quality to it all. Some could rightly be called artwork on its own merits, but some is clearly public disobedience, social commentary or even nonsense; the best work probably lies in the middle where all these designations meet. I don't know how to compare local graffiti in KC to anywhere else, but these images are open to interpretation. I spared no expense searching grimy city bathrooms, hollow over/under passes, deserted warehouses and desolate street corners. Most of these photos were taken in and around midtown, but a few are from the northland and Lawrence. Here they are in all their glory with my own titles where applicable:

"West Bottoms Woman"  photo graffiti_zpsa73742ed.jpg

 photo downsized_0823121440_zps6402ad24.jpg

 photo Touch_zps8ee89591.jpg

 photo george_zps53267934.jpg

 photo 0218111920_zpsf94f0c25.jpg

 photo SidewalkMessage2_zpsd5f5e631.jpg

 photo SidewalkMessage1_zpsd429eed3.jpg

"D'Bronx Cheer"  photo scoregasm_zps6168b005.jpg

 photo downsized_1107121701_zps9a76d526.jpg

 photo BigBootyJudy_zps3a34dc01.jpg

 photo downsized_0319111315_zpsd0b1f5dc.jpg

 photo downsized_1103121622_zpsba00b45a.jpg

 photo downsized_0501131800_zps20406b87.jpg

"West Bottoms Ride"  photo 228938_1919158183190_1369106403_31792146_759285_n_zpsb49e212a.jpg

"Johnetta"  photo 0501131827_zps5c5c5fe6.jpg

 photo downsized_0220131522_zps994a6880.jpg

 photo BS_zps7ebd2b13.jpg

 photo DoNotEnter_zps2cf63340.jpg

 photo 0309112056_zps848d41af.jpg

 photo Hipster_zps8ed415a7.jpg

"Super Flea Scrawl"  photo 1117121427_zpsc21a2107.jpg

 photo buttplaza_zpsac38091f.jpg

 photo downsized_0216130020_zpscded036b.jpg

"Troost Life"  photo downsized_1020121516_zpsd48dd1f4.jpg

"God's Indiscretions"  photo 0309112057_zps27c8bcda.jpg

"What a Long Strange Journey..."  photo DontStopBelieving_zps3e9d8405.jpg

 photo HappyEndings_zpsa66b377a.jpg

(Photo credit for "West Bottoms Ride" with the bicyclist actually belongs to Cobra. I'll post more graffiti as I find it. Next time look for some found images.)

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