Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Year End Review: A List of Work I've Had Published This Year


For all you sycophants out there (...0...), here's a list of work I've had published online or in physical journals this year. Each link is to my story/poem or to the publication itself if the story is not available online. I had a decent start to the year but things have slowed down since the summer. Oh well, keep writing I guess:

Kendallwood (Haiku) and Cripples (short story): the 555 Collective is a non for profit arts group that supports victims of abuse. (NOTE: the haiku is about the 13th one if you scroll down the list).

"Time Together" (short story): the Legendary is a literary blog/online journal.

"The Jerk Chicken is Sardonic" (flash fiction): Thunderclap Press is a small online literary and physical publication that is currently on hiatus. My story appeared in issue #9 over the summer (#9, #9, #9...) which is currently the final issue.

"Summer in Hell" (short story): Kerouac's Dog Magazine is published by a vanity press out of the U.K. This story was accepted over a year ago, but issue 5 which it was scheduled to appear in has yet to come out. I think KDM is mainly a money making scheme, so beware to writers in the future if and when they start publishing again.

"The Portentous Menacing Road of a New Decade...": HipsterFight! Magazine is an online literary journal. I'm currently the Fiction Editor of said journal. This was an essay I wrote on turning 30 and the implications therein.

Blogs, Messagboards Etc.

Contributor/Blogger: is a local/national music blog based out of Kansas City. The primary focus is hip-hop but I often write pieces about indie, post-punk, alt-country etc. The link will take you to a list of my postings.

I'm also a regular poster on the message boards and What's my user name? That's a secret I'll never tell...

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